The Rich Zeoli Show log 4-17-2017

The Rich Zeoli Show Log 4-17-17


3 pm–  How will North Korea react to their missile launch failure ?  Mike Pence spoke to CNN and was quoted “We’re going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience…


3:35 pm–  VP Pence visited the Korean Demilitarized Zone and spoke of the issues looming.



4:20 pm– Trump presided over his first White House Easter Egg Roll


4:25 pm–Should Trump scrap USDA’s National Organic Program?


4:34 pm– Julie Kelly Interview 


4:50 pm– Cadbury drops the word Easter from its well know Eggs


5:01 pm– Cleveland Facebook Live Killer may have been seen in Philly


5:26 pm– Trump to North Korea ” Gotta Behave”


5:35 pm–  Bob Woodward talks about President Trump and his “Power of No”


5:43 pm–  Jen Psaki told CNN’s Brian Stelter “it’s a tough job.”, speaking about Sean Spicer 

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